The Dickinson GreenWing delivers consistent performance and quality that far exceed expectations for a reasonably priced over & under. Remarkably well balanced, this versatile shotgun builds confidence for beginning and expert shooters alike.

Green WingGW12W28MBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76M. Choke Tubes3.1
Green WingGW12B28MBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76M. Choke Tubes3.1
Green WingGW12W28PBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76Fixed3.1
Green WingGW12W28BBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76Fixed3.1
Green WingGW12S30TBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76Fixed / MCH3,50 - 3,70
Green WingGW12S30HBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76Fixed / MCH3,70 - 3,90

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