The Dickinson 400 Series features caustic black finished barrels with optional elevated ribs, black or white hand engraved receivers and premium handoiled Turkish walnut woodwork for a gun you’ll be proud to own and hunt with. Special bird figure engraving options allow hunters to make this gun a truly personal treasure.

Our expert designers have optimized weight and balance to ensure comfortable hunting all day long. Even slimmer and lighter 20-Gauge versions are also available.

Wood Finish : Hand Rubbed Oil or Gloss
Recoil Pad : Rubber
Safety : Manual
Fore-End : Schabel Style or Standard
Rib Type : 8 mm Standard or 10 mm High

Sight : Brass Front Bead or Fiber Optic Red
Mechanism : Box Lock
Receiver Finish : White or Black Chrome Coating
Stock: English, Round or Pistol Grip
* Premier Grade Turkish Walnut Stocks * Hand-Engraved Receiver, * Length, Length of Pull, Drop at Heel and Pull optional
* Automatic Ejectors * Upgrade Order for Walnut Stock Grade 3/4/5

Gold412LBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76Mobile or FixedWhite / Black3,00-3,40
Gold420LBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76Mobile or FixedWhite / Black3,00
Gold312LBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76MobileWhite / Black3,25
Gold320LBox LockSingle207661-66-71-76MobileWhite / Black3,15
Hunter312SEBox LockSingle127661-66-71-76MobileWhite / Black3,25
Hunter320SEBox LockSingle207661-66-71-76MobileWhite / Black3,15

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