Dickinson engineers its 200 Gold Series Semi Automatic shotguns with the fewest possible moving parts, resulting in enhanced strength and reliability when it matters most. The inertia operated system with a rotating locking head shoots all loads from 28 gr. (1 oz.) field loads up to 50 gr. (1-3/4 oz.) magnum loads (including steel shot) with no adjustment. The recoil spring is housed in the fore-end stock, increasing the strength of the stock while providing a more elegant grip design. This 200 Gold Series’ light weight and excellent balance make it ideal for long hunting days walking the field. Composite stocks and camouflage options help match a range of hunting conditions. Fitting the 200
Series with an adjustable comb stock turns this all-around performer into a sporting gun.

Wood Finish : Gloss
Recoil Pad : Rubber
Safety : Manual
Fore-End : Standard
Rib Type : 7 mm standard or 8 mm High
Sight : Brass Front Bead
Mechanism : Inertia Operated
Receiver Finish: Black Anodizing
Stock : Pistol Grip

Gold212SIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-76Mobile Black Polymer2,80-3,10
Gold212WIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-77Mobile Wood2,80-3,11
Gold212CIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-78Mobile Camo2,80-3,12
Gold212SRIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-79Mobile Black Polymer - Round2,80-3,10
Gold212WRIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-79Mobile Wood - Round2,80-3,10
Gold212CRIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-79Mobile Camo - Round2,80-3,10
Gold212ELRIntertıaSingle12/207661-66-71-79Mobile Wood - Round - Engraved2,80-3,10

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